Welcome to tintedfire.com. This website is dedicated to the book Tinted Fire, written and illustrated by Anya Tenney. Here you can find all the information you want to know about the book, author, and where you can purchase Tinted Fire. Also, this resource allows you to communicate with the author, as well with our growing community.

“Thank you for taking an interest and visiting my website. I’d love to hear back from you.”
-Anya Tenney

Dear readers, for a limited time only:
The first 10 registered users will receive a free 14 x 11 poster signed by the author or a card with an illustration from the book, as well as VIP status on tintedfire.com.
The first 100 registered users will get a free card with an illustration of your choice from the book, signed by the author.
Not among the first 100? Don’t worry, you can still apply for a free card, and if there are cards left in stock, you will receive a signed card as well.

Thank you. I hope you'll enjoy reading the book )

I would like to congratulate you, Anya Tenney, on your first book. You are very talented and determined artist and writer. Tinted Fire is very captivating, intriguing and entertaining read. I enjoyed it a lot. You have a beautiful imagination =) Congrats!

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